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i keep trying to figure out the logistics of every man dating a lesbian at least once

how many straight men are there to every lesbian? how long is the ‘relationship’ supposed to last?

how many years must a lesbian spend dating men so that every straight man learns whatever lesson he’s getting out of this? would she ever be able to live her own life?

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spinsterprivilege replied to your post: “I can honestly say I did once have a …

omfg what is this from or do i even want to know

all from the notes on this post

i feel so bad for the op

I can honestly say I did once have a brief thing with a lesbian (I am male), it was a strange experience and I do genuinely believe every guy needs to have a brief thing with a lesbian at some point in his life, it makes zero sense, is guarantied to never work out, and everyone tends to learn an interesting and important lesson from it”

This is the sort of logic that got me married to my first wife…. That was in my younger (naïve) days before I realized I would need to number my ex-wives. However, she wasn’t so much a lesbian as the antichrist.”


I dated a lesbian once. Well, she met her first girlfriend after she had dated me. Its now a running gag among my friends that i make girls lesbian.”

what a charming and appropriate thing to add to a lesbian’s post about her experience being hit on by fetishizing men, straight dude




"I’ve never dated a lesbian but I’ve always wanted to"

You’re a man
Why?????would?????a lesbian?????ever wanna date you????
Do you even know what a lesbian is???

What kind of response to “sorry I’m not interested, I’m a lesbian” is this????

Would this count as bisexual erasure?

how could this possibly be bisexual erasure. this it literally an account of a personal experience i’ve had as a lesbian.

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which one did i intend to search for, you may never know

which one did i intend to search for, you may never know

did that “girls picking up girls” video really need to be featured in the lgbtq tag two separate times

or even one time