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it’s so weird how often people forget that artificial insemination is possible. like if you don’t want to have sex with a person you can’t possibly get pregnant by them, or you could but ~oh it would be so high-tech and expensive only the very privileged can possibly do it~

like how have you not heard of low-tech “turkey baster” (if you’ll excuse the term) type methods? how do you not know that this is a thing that people have done for ages. like sure it doesn’t have a perfect success rate but neither does piv so????

anyway fuck this i’m having a copycat pumpkin spice latte and making granola

i can’t even believe that “are gay people and bi people even oppressed on the same axis” is the topic i now have to dedicate most of my time to on this godforsaken website

literally if you’re arguing that bi people and gay people are oppressed on entirely separate axes and never the twain shall meet you’re saying that bi people don’t properly experience homophobia and in so doing you spit in the face of every bi person whose life has been marked by homophobia

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To reduce those cultural problems to just same-gender attraction is to once again make the whole situation about cisgender homosexual people”

like really how does this not frame same-gender attraction as “just a gay people thing”


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like, to put it more simply: saying homophobia is at the root of biphobia is NOT saying people only hate bi people as a side effect of hating gay people. it’s saying people hate bi people and gay people because they hate people who are attracted to the same gender.

Wow. I never answer these, but *deep breath*. No.

Biphobia is not only expressed by heterosexual people. It is also expressed by homosexual people. Therefore, the “root” is probably a large number of factors, mostly inaccurate and hurtful stereotypes about bisexual people that are shared by monosexuals on both sides. I have personally received nasty comments and rejection from homosexual people for being bi, so please don’t tell me this doesn’t happen. And frankly? It hurts more coming from people I thought would sympathize with my situation.

To say biphobia is rooted in homophobia is a bit like saying transphobia is rooted in homophobia. That’s not accurate. They’re all different things. They share some common cultural factors, but at the end of the day, transphobia and biphobia are often expressed by people in the very community that’s supposed to be supporting us. If we focus only on transphobia or biphobia expressed by heterosexual cisgender people, we fail to address our own shortcomings as a supportive community and fail to prioritize the needs of all our members equally. First remove the log from your own eye, &etc.

The same goes for stereotypes and phobias about any minority sexual or gender group. Is the ignorance and violence shown to asexual people rooted in homophobia? Is the medical violence perpetrated on intersex children rooted in homophobia? No. They’re rooted in the complex and very messed up cultural problems we have with gender and sexuality overall, which result in a broad range of hate, ignorance, and violence, including homophobia. To reduce those cultural problems to just same-gender attraction is to once again make the whole situation about cisgender homosexual people, and I think we’ve done that enough over the past few decades.

Please don’t frame one group’s struggle as merely an extension of another group’s. We’re all suffering, but we all suffer differently.

of course biphobia can be expressed by gay people! this is patently obvious and i’m bi by the way so i would know! but did you know? homophobia (the gay-specific kind) can be expressed by bi people! and it quite often is! biphobia and gay-specific homophobia are both different manifestations of the larger force of what i’ll call big-h Homophobia i.e. hatred of same-gender attraction. when bi people are homophobic toward gay people in gay-specific ways, they are primarily hurting gay people in an act of lateral aggression. but they are also hurting themselves in subtle ways by strengthening big-h Homophobia. same goes for gay people being biphobic. by the same token, taking a stand against biphobia strikes a blow against Homophobia by rejecting the Homophobic assumptions that are baked into it. gay people and bi people are oppressed on the same axis! our experiences are distinct but also have a ton in common. that biphobia is not its own completely separate axis of oppression does not diminish it, nor does it diminish gay-specific homophobia; they are both enormous, horrible parts of one oppressive machine.

and no, this is not the same thing as saying transphobia is rooted in homophobia, although they are closely interrelated which is why we are part of this community together! we have a shared history that goes back to a time before transness and same-gender attraction were even understood as separate things. and no, this does not make everything about “homosexual” people — which by the way is a dehumanizing term that most gay people now reject! — unless you think same-gender attraction is just the province of gay people! frankly i think *that* idea is the one that tries to make my oppression all about gay people! no, it is equally the province of bi people, and it is hated in both, and that’s what this is all about. have a good day.

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